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UV Sealed Fiberglass Surface Class A Motorhome
Freshly Sealed Full Body Paint Motorhome Fender

Full Wash & UV Seal Wax

UV Sealant Protection is an important step in your RV Paint & Fiberglass maintenance.

It helps to protect the exterior of the RV from the sun's harmful UV rays, which can cause fading, cracking, and other damage. It also helps to protect the finish from dirt, dust, hard water and other environmental elements.

Starting at $13 per linear FT. & Includes:

A Full Service Decontaminating Wash with a Polymer UV Sealant added to all Painted or Fiberglass areas. Products applied with a surface safe random orbital buffer or microfiber sponge. Application removed with fresh microfiber towel. Wheels receive shine detail. All Windows Cleaned. Steps and Tailpipe are painted if applicable.

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