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Buffing Correction of Full Body Paint
Buffing of Painted RV Panel

Full Body Paint Correction & UV Seal

 Paint Correction is a process used to restore the beauty of your RV by removing painted surface imperfections. It is necessary due to the harsh environmental elements that your RV is subjected to during travel and storage. UV rays, road debris, dirt, 

bird droppings, and harsh weather can cause dulling, discoloration, scratches, and cracking over time. The process involves a combination of polishing and buffing which works to remove the imperfections and restore the luster of your RV. Followed by the application of a UV Sealant or Ceramic Coating to help protect the correction & finish. 

Starting  at  $18  per linear FT.  & Includes:

Full-Service Decontaminating Wash with the removal of any cobb webbing, high-speed buff holograms, light scratches, water spots & rough areas with any level of UV protection applied of your choosing. Products are applied with a surface-safe Dual Action Polishing Buffer, Random Orbital Buffer, and Microfiber Sponge. Wheels receive shine detail. All windows cleaned. Steps and Tailpipe are painted if applicable.

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